I am a BACP Senior Accredited integrative counsellor and psychotherapist in practice since 2001, a clinical supervisor since 2014 and energy principles practitioner since 2016, and fully qualified Registered Polarity Therapist since 2019.

I am a critical incident trauma debriefer working within companies whose workforce have suffered on-site trauma. I undertake group and individual work. The aim is to support staff recovery through processing and building stability to reduce both the impact & potential for re-traumatisation.

I am also a visiting trainer/facilitator at the University of Cumbria – helping to develop, train and nurture the next generation of counsellors.

Lina Mookerjee

The key to my approach is the value I place to establish a safe and boundaried working relationship, and the potential this holds for learning, healing and growth. My practice room offers a safe and beautiful environment for work to take place.

I specialise in working with women at midlife and in menopause, a ripe time of full body change.

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My working model is based on a Humanistic framework (principles and practice) coupled with my Master’s training in Jungian depth psychology, attachment theory and neuroscience through the mind-body connection. As an integrative practitioner, I also draw upon CBT and Transactional analysis when appropriate. Much of my work uses Karpman’s Drama Triangle to help clients step out of dysfunctional relationships and into healthier, clearer adult ones.

My therapeutic approach is also informed by my formative training and experience as a professional electrical engineer. It was here that I learned the value of systems which I now apply in my grounded therapeutic approach.

My focus is to enable clients to increase their awareness and understanding of their present situation and struggle.  I seek to support ascertaining they key issues and dynamics, and how they work and interrelate with each other – to gain better understanding of what is going on.

Fundamentally, I successfully work with clients by facilitating a process of change towards a healthier way of being.

I offer this in the following ways:

As a counsellor:

I recognise the importance of a well-regulated nervous system and its contribution to good physical and mental health. Yet, this balance can easily become dysregulated – often presenting as anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, sleep disturbance, high blood pressure, low grade aches, pains/discomfort and more. I enable clients to become more equipped in their ability to be self-regulating – through increased self-awareness and understanding of the triggers that cause their dysregulation, and what they can do to affect their functioning for the better. I also offers support through facilitating mindfulness, breath awareness and relaxation techniques.

The Praxis YouTube channel is full of mindfulness and relaxation audio practices to help you:    Click here for the Praxis YouTube Channel for Mindfulness and Relaxation

I have appeared on BBC Radio talking about my work, dealing with stress and more . . .

As a psychotherapist

I work with clients who realise the value of exploring their world further to support different levels of change in life. This might be catalysed by loss that can present itself in all sorts of ways including:

  • Reaching mid-life and asking such questions like: ‘who am I?’‘what is my purpose?’
  • Loss of health and independence
  • Loss of spiritual connection and meaning within existing faith/ideas
  • Living with chronic health conditions including diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, cystic fibrosis etc.
  • Loss of sensory faculties including sight and hearing
  • Working with menopause as a gift for fulfilling a woman’s potential
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement
  • Dying and death

Sometimes there is unfinished business’ from the past that now affects life in the present. Feelings including guilt, shame, anger, fury, sadness might emerge that have no reference to present life circumstances, and yet may root back to the past. For me, this is a potential call for action and opportunity to find resolution for what might be past trauma, unprocessed grieving or simply to explore one’s meaning and purpose in life.

I have appeared on BBC Radio talking about mid-life, menopause and more:

As a polarity therapist: 

Integrating my electrical engineering and therapeutic knowledge, I work with the human energy system through a powerful body-work process. The fundamental component I work with is a person’s vital force that is akin to electricity, and what Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung called the libido. It is the very energy that keeps us alive. It also manifests as one’s vitality which can vary in its intensity depending on numerous factors including life circumstances, stress, health conditions, work and home demands, weather, diet, etc.

During a polarity session, I seek to enhance this vital force all through the power of touch and technique whilst the client remains fully clothed.

Each session lasts between 60-75 minutes.