Lina offers a whole body-work process that works on the human energy system to ensure the free flow of energy throughout. Think of a battery with two poles – a positive (+) with plenty of electrons and negative (-) with less electrons. Electricity flows once a battery is inserted as part of a circuit so that electrons flow from the replete positive pole towards the negative.

The same principle applies to the human energy system, whereby health equates to the ability of energy to flow easily and as unhindered as possible. Polarity Therapy works with the positive and negative poles within the human body to ensure the freer flow of energy.

With her skill, experience and expertise of combining her electrical engineering training alongside offering PT with psychotherapy, Lina has had very effective results when treating clients with the following:

  • anxiety (hyper-arousal symptoms including irritability, fear, unable to settle, racing thoughts, agitated, sleep disturbance, digestive issues etc…)
  • depression (hypo-arousal symptoms including feeling low, slow, heavy, demotivated etc…)
  • ME/chronic fatigue syndrome
  • PTSD and early life trauma
  • painful periods
  • menopause process and dysregulation symptoms
  • mid-life and feeling confusion and loss with meaning in life and purpose
  • tiredness and fatigue
  • feeling stuck in life – don’t know how to get moving
  • erroneous fear and procrastination
  • unresolved buried anger and rage
  • spiritual crisis and confusion
  • sense of being outside of oneself
  • palliative care
  • and more . . .

Integrating my electrical engineering and therapeutic knowledge, I work with the human energy system through this powerful body-work process. The fundamental component I work with is a person’s vital force that is akin to electricity and creating the most conducive environment for this life energy to flow through. It’s what Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung called the libido, and in Yoga is called prana.

It is the very energy that keeps us alive, well and healthy on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. It also manifests as one’s vitality which can vary in its intensity depending on numerous factors including life circumstances, early life trauma, PTSD, stress, health conditions, work and home demands, weather, diet, etc”

During a polarity session, it is this vital life-force that is worked on – all through the power of therapeutic touch and specific techniques whilst the client rests on the massage table and remains fully clothed.


  • First session (including case assessment): 75-90 mins. Fee £85
  • Follow-on sessions: 50-75 mins. Fee £75/session


  • The Grey House, Silloth on Solway, Cumbria. CA7 4DU

To book a Polarity Session

  • Contact Lina directly at:
    • 07727 483096