Welcome to the world of menopause and mid-life.

The process of menopause can be a profound phase of change in a woman’s life and has the potential for enabling personal growth and development.

The thought of menopause can provoke all sorts of reactions; from avoidance to minimising its existence, recoil to disgust, fear to anger of the unknown. If we rely on inherited negative beliefs around what menopause is, the experience can often fulfill the expectation that it is painful and full of loss.

Three ways of dealing with menopause include:
  1. To fix and forget about it
  2. To go with the process – including exploring ways to manage symptoms through diet, exercise etc.
  3. To regard menopause as a transformative process starting with getting to know who you are, how you got here, values and beliefs that informed decision making ….. to working out who I can be now and the building of self-esteem, worth and confidence based on relevant and appropriate values and beliefs